Feedback From Our Students

Anonymous student feedback

  PEMS has given me a real chance to explore emergency medicine and has broadened my understanding of topics we otherwise have only touched on so far in the undergraduate curriculum, in a relaxed and interesting environment.” “Tonight’s Burns teaching was fantastic. The simulation was exciting and it was incredibly useful to reinforce the theory from the lecture in a clinical situation. I loved the interactive hands-on teaching and the opportunity to meet others from different year groups who have similar interests to me.” “The ‘nightclub medicine’ station at Psych Emergencies and Overdoses has been my favourite part of PEMS this year. It was great to be put into an (almost!) authentic environment and have to think of our feet to deal with multiple patients in a pre-hospital environment. It has strengthened my passion for Emergency Medicine and I’m eager to get more experience where possible.” “PEMS have been so helpful in organising my own SSC (Self Selected Component) and getting me in touch with Doctors who are interested in teaching, so I can do out of hours shifts while I’m away on placement (across Wales).” “The PEMs teaching sessions remind me of why I want to study to become a doctor and I would highly recommend them to anyone.” Monthly talks: “PEMS sessions are very helpful. I learnt about the presentations and management of certain conditions that I have subsequently seen whilst on placement. Content from the teaching sessions has come up in our exams and A&E shifts, which is time well spent!” “I have really enjoyed the teaching sessions. I think having them monthly is perfect timing, as most people can commit to sessions every month and it is good that they are happening regularly.” Practical stations: “It’s good to have teaching from Consultants and also peer-led teaching. I enjoyed the practical aspects, they are good reminders to keep topics fresh in your mind.” “I thought the RTA teaching session looked fantastic, great make-up for the moulage and I really enjoyed running the peer-led station about blunt chest trauma. Peer-led teaching is very useful as teaching a topic yourself always makes you remember it better.” “I really enjoyed the burns moulage. It’s good to put skills into practice - hopefully it won’t be so daunting when doing it for real!” Shifts in the Emergency Department: “The A&E shifts have been great. It’s been fantastic to get hands on experience seeing real patients and being in the department. I am hugely grateful for PEMS organising this; I have gained a lot out of it.” “It’s great to be inspired and see where we’ll be in a few years’ time!” “The experience with the consultants has been amazing - it is a really great experience to offer and I feel very lucky to have had this opportunity.”

Dr Jon Lloyd-Evans

“It has been a privilege to be involved with these passionately committed students. Their commitment to extracurricular involvement and clinical exposure is a shining example of the mind-set and enthusiasm we want of tomorrow’s doctors and should be actively nurtured. Their interest in continued clinical development is often hindered by training and simulation equipment only being available during office hours in limited locations. This excellent initiative would see Ali Hare and colleagues continue to expand the high quality education and simulation training already offered to students by this worthwhile group. I only wish something as invigorating and engaging as this had existed during my time in Medical school.”

Dr Tim Manfield

“It was amazing to meet so many enthusiastic medical students and be involved with such a hard working and well led scheme as PEMS. The future of Emergency Medicine in Wales looks very bright indeed.”

Dr Craig Planello

ST4 Emergency Medicine

I have been involved in two sessions with the PEMs group from Cardiff University, giving talks as a guest speaker, and then also helping the group run clinical scenarios. The group is well organised, and is accessible and educational amongst medical students across all year groups. It has always been a pleasure delivering lectures and passing on clinical skills to such an enthusiastic and passionate group of student.

Dr Katja Empson

Emergency Medicine Consultant

“It was a real pleasure to be invited and given the opportunity. I left feeling really valued…I hope to be able to contribute more and encourage my colleagues to contribute to sessions. I found it very rewarding.”