Dr Katja Empson, undergraduate lead at UHW talks to first year students about local research and how to get involved during the Organ Donation symposium.

Examples of local research PEMS members have been involved in

  • Surviving Sepsis at the front door: an audit into the recognition and management of sepsis in the Princess of Wales Emergency Department.

  • ‘Vital Signs in Children’-RCEM audit.

  • ‘Size of Sepsis in Wales’

  • Paracetamol overdose audit in Llandough hospital and University Hospital Wales

  • ‘A Critical Age’-How NEWS and frailty scores on admission to A&E affect patient outcomes.

  • Year 2 experience SSC assessed by an essay on the physics of an arterial line.

  • Pain management literature review.

  • Paediatric resus knowledge review.

  • Patient information leaflet for patients presenting to ED with mental health or substance abuse issues.

  • Procedural sedation audit.

  • Needlestick injury management in ED audit.

Have you been involved in local research? Are you looking for ideas for an audit, poster or SSC? Let us know at