About Us

The Scheme

PEMS is a medical student-led initiative that aims to enable interested healthcare students to gain increased teaching and clinical exposure to Emergency Medicine. PEMS originated in Cardiff in 2013 and a sister scheme was developed in Swansea in 2015. We intend to expand the programme further through other regional start-ups linked with medical schools across the country in years to come.

PEMS aims to connect students and healthcare professionals as well as increase clinical experience, exposure and opportunity for medical students in an acute setting. This is achieved by helping to pair interested students with (or provide contact details for) consultants to make organising out of hours A&E shifts more accessible at our ‘hub’ hospitals. Alongside this we pride ourselves on running free monthly teaching sessions on a variety of topics with guest speakers and a focus on small group, hands-on peer led teaching.

If you want to find out more, are interested in getting involved or can’t find anything happening in your region, drop our head office an email at pemscardiff@gmail.com and we will provide you with practical advice and support to help start up free monthly teaching sessions as well as an Emergency Medicine mentor scheme between your University and local hospital.


UHW: PEMS Cardiff Core Members can organise shadowing through their assigned consultants.
Morriston- tim1601@hotmail.co.uk (Dr Tim Manfield) Princess of Wales- Amanda Zarina
Prince Charles- victoria.goodwin@wales.nhs.uk (or Izzy Watson at dresyld@doctors.org.uk ) Royal Glamorgan- Catherine.coombs@wales.nhs.uk (Mr Ahmed Kamal is the consultant lead)
Nevill Hall- sarah.morgan4@wales.nhs. Royal Gwent- Tim.Rogerson@wales.nhs.uk
No major A&E units within this health board
Withybush General-Dr Adrian Storwood
Glan Clwyd- jayne.mccall@wales.nhs.uk (01745448788;2254) Wrexham Maelor- fiona.rae@wales.nhs.uk Ysbyty Gwynedd- l.dykes@btinternet.com